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RNA Oligonucleotides

All single-stranded and duplexed RNA sequences are produced using proprietary technology that delivers high quality RNA. Our specialized synthesis platforms allow us to produce the custom high-fidelity guides for CRISPR, duplexes for RNAi, template switching oligos for NGS, microRNAs, aptamers, and custom RNA oligos for other applications.


Single-stranded RNA

Shipped dry.


Duplexed RNA

2 oligos, annealed and delivered in a single tube. Shipped dry.


Annealing fees will be applied to duplexed oligos (per duplex), as follows:

100 nmol:


250 nmol:


1 µmol:


Single-stranded RNA

Shipped dry or resuspended to your specifications. A minimum of 24 or 96 oligos required for 96- or 384-well plates, respectively.


Product Details


RNA oligos are short, single- or double-stranded synthetic RNA sequences that can be used in nearly any RNA­ specific molecular biology application. Using the Oligo Entry ordering tool, you can design your sequences to contain unmodified RNA bases, 2'-O-methyl RNA bases, or chimeric DNA bases. You can select from hundreds of modifications to suit your specific research needs. (2'-O-methyl RNA is a useful RNA analog that is resistant to degradation by single-stranded ribonucleases. Every RNA Oligo you receive is deprotected and desalted to remove small molecule impurities. In addition, your oligos will be quality controlled using ESI mass spectrometry* and quantified by UV spectrophotometry to provide yield measurements.

* With the exception of mixed base oligos, which could potentially represent multiple sequences and therefore cannot be accurately evaluated by ESI mass spectrometry.

Using the RNA Oligo Entry tool

  • To enter individual RNA bases, insert "r" before the base (rA, rU, rC, rG)
  • To enter individual 2′-O-Methyl RNA bases, insert "m" before the base (mA, mU, mC, mG)
  • To quickly convert an entire oligo to RNA, enter your sequence as DNA using A, T, C, G and then click “Convert to “RNA”. All bases in your sequence will be converted to RNA (rA, rU, rC, rG)


IDT's reputation as a pioneer in custom oligo manufacturing is largely due to our vertically integrated proprietary synthesis platforms. Nearly every component of our manufacturing process is designed and developed in-house, including specialized synthesizers that can accommodate the most demanding oligo requests, and high-throughput automation. We rarely rely on third-party manufacturers for any of the machines or chemical reagents used for synthesis, allowing us to easily monitor and refine instruments and reagents. Our ability to control these variables allows us to produce high-quality oligos.

The inherent structure of RNA makes it more difficult to manufacture than DNA. However, our proprietary nucleic acid synthesis technology allows us to obtain high coupling efficiencies, meaning you will receive RNA oligos with the yield and purity that your project needs.


The following services represent our most common offerings. If your project requires a service not listed here, contact us and we will work with you to accommodate your request.


For more demanding RNA applications, additional purification by RNase-Free HPLC purification is needed. Most purified oligos up to 60 bases receive a purity guarantee* following quality control by capillary electrophoresis or analytical HPLC. Learn more »


*Based on sequence characteristics


Diverse application requirements and individual researcher preferences necessitate oligos that can be delivered in unique formats. You can have your oligos prepared to your specific requirements. Learn more »

For information on available services, contact us.

Custom quality control

In addition to the free ESI mass spectrometry analysis that is provided for your oligos*, your project may require one of the more advanced analytical services listed below.

* With the exception of mixed base oligos, which could potentially represent multiple sequences and therefore cannot be accurately evaluated by ESI mass spectrometry.


Large-scale synthesis

Custom RNA oligos can be ordered in bulk with the same high quality, competitive pricing, and fast turnaround times you expect from IDT. To learn more about our large-scale synthesis capabilities, click here.


If you require oligos that are ISO 13485 certified, or if you are interested in our third-party manufacturing services, please click here.

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