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Gene Synthesis NEW

Introducing our newly enhanced Gene Synthesis

This easy-to-use solution is for researchers who want to skip in-house cloning steps and move quickly into functional studies with 100% sequence-verified clonal DNA .


Complete synthetic genes with 100% sequence verification are delivered in a cloning or expression vector and are ready to use for a variety of applications.

  • No reoccurring or hidden fees for custom vectors
  • Easy online ordering and transparent pricing
  • Guaranteed delivery dates

Genes in tubes

  • No order minimum for tubes
  • Delivered dry, normalized to 4 µg with scale up options available*
  • Glycerol stocks available 

Genes in plates

  • Available in PCR and Echo™ plates
  • 3 µg delivered dry or wet normalized to 20 ng/µl*
  • Orders require a minimum of 24 genes per plate§

* Gene sequences with added complexity can interfere with assembly and/or sequencing performance. Such sequences may result in less synthesis yield and/or additional services charges.

† The time required to manufacture a gene is dependent on length, complexity, and vector choice. >85% orders are ready to ship within the number of business days indicated. Sequences that are unstable and/or toxic to E. coli can substantially affect delivery times.

‡ Echo is a trademark of Labcyte Inc. A Beckman Coulter company

§ Plates with less than 24 fragments will incur an additional fee applied at checkout

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Table 1. Additional Options for Genes.

FeatureAdditional TATFormatYield
Gene Glycerol StockN/ATubeN/A
Transfection Grade Midscale Prep (<10EU/µg)3 business daysTube or 96-Well Deepwell Plate**100 µg*
Endotoxin Free Midscale Prep(<0.1EU/µg) (includes endotoxin test and report)4 business daysTube or 96-Well Deepwell Plate100 µg*

*Vectors identified as low copy vectors will have a reduced yield of 50 ug. This will be determined during the custom vector onboarding process. 

IDT vectors

IDT has several catalog vectors available for use in your experiments, but if you don’t see one here that fits your needs see Custom Vector Onboarding below. We have several options for cloning vectors and vectors ready for protein expression experiments, in both bacteria and mammalian cells. When selecting our standard cloning vector option, if your insert is less than 250 bases we will use the pIDTSmart vector. All other lengths will be cloned into our pUCIDT with the antibiotic selection marker of your choice. We also offer vectors that have been optimized for use with Golden Gate Assembly; they will not have the most frequently used Type IIS restriction sites. Upon receiving your gene, you can then subclone it into the vector of your choice using a variety of methods. The identity of the cloning vector used, its sequence, and insertion site will be confirmed in the documentation that accompanies your product.

Table 2. Best-fit vectors for Genes ≤5000 bp.

Vector nameSelection markerApplicationSequence
pUCIDT (Amp)AmpicillinCloningpUCIDT (Amp).txt
pUCIDT (Amp) Golden GateAmpicillinCloningpUCIDT (Amp) Golden Gate.txt
pUCIDT (Kan)KanamycinCloningpUCIDT (Kan).txt
pUCIDT (Kan) Golden GateKanamycinCloningpUCIDT (Kan) Golden Gate.txt
pIDTSmart (Amp)AmpicillinCloningpIDTSmart (Amp).txt
pIDTSmart (Kan)KanamycinCloningpIDTSmart (Kan).txt
pEXP-IDTAmpicillinMammalian ExpressionpEXP-IDT.txt
pET-IDTKanamycinBacterial ExpressionpET-IDT.txt
pET-IDT C HisKanamycinBacterial ExpressionpET-IDT C His.txt
pET-IDT Dual His + ThrombinKanamycinBacterial ExpressionpET-IDT Dual His + Thrombin.txt
pET-IDT N His + ThrombinKanamycinBacterial ExpressionpET-IDT N His + Thrombin.txt

For genes >5000 bp, please contact us.

Custom Vector Onboarding NEW

If your experiment requires a vector that isn’t available in our standard genes tool, no problem. You can easily onboard your own custom vector through our website without requesting a quote.


Advantages to onboarding your vector with IDT:

  • Saves you time and we do the cloning for you. Once onboarded you can order cloned genes in your vector anytime
  • Onboarding has a one-time cost, no recurring fees for additional inserts
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Confidentiality is a high priority to ensure your IP is protected


Custom Vector Onboarding

Request a consultation

Have questions for our experts? Want to onboard your own vector? Your time is valuable and we’ll prioritize your inquiry. Click on “Request a consultation” to provide brief information about your project, and we’ll be in touch to discuss it ASAP.

Request a consultation

$500 off

when you onboard your own vector 

Applies to first gene synthesis order after custom vector validation

Promo will be sent upon completion of vector validation

Expires: September 30, 2024

Product details

Genes and MiniGenes™ are NGS-verified, circular double-stranded DNA in a plasmid. DNA sequences 25 bp to 5 kb are provided with IDT’s in-house vectors, expression vectors, or a custom vector of your choice without additional cloning fees (see Table 1) . Sequences greater than 5 kb can be reviewed for acceptance as a custom project. Plasmids are delivered ready-to use in your preferred configuration with an accompanying QC report.

Storage conditions

Short term (<2 weeks)4°C
Long term (up to 2 years)–20°C

Product data

Sequence verification

All inserts for Genes and MiniGene products are sequence-verified by NGS. Upon delivery of the plasmids, an NGS‑sequencing report, plasmid map, and FASTA file are all available to you in your online IDT account.

NGS QC example, depth of coverage-percent wild type

Sample NGS report

Frequently asked questions


Sequence Information is secure and confidential at IDT. Please see our Confidentiality Statement for more information. All online ordering steps, including sequence entry and your choice of parameters, are also secure and protected.

We screen the sequence of every gene, gene fragment, and Megamer™ ssDNA fragment order we receive to (1) identify any regulated and other potentially dangerous pathogen sequences, and (2) verify that IDT’s gene customers are legitimate scientists engaged in beneficial research.

IDT is among the five founding members of the International Gene Synthesis Consortium (IGSC) and helped to create the IGSC’s Harmonized Screening Protocol. The Harmonized Screening Protocol describes the gene sequence and customer screening practices that IGSC member companies employ to prevent the misuse of synthetic genes. IDT takes the steps set out in the Harmonized Screening Protocol to screen the sequences of ordered genes and the prospective customers who submit those orders.

For more information about the IGSC and the Harmonized Screening Protocol, please visit the website at


In October 2010, the United States government issued final Screening Framework Guidance for Providers of Synthetic Double-Stranded DNA, describing how commercial providers of synthetic genes should perform gene sequence and customer screening. IDT and the other IGSC member companies supported the adoption of the Screening Framework Guidance, and IDT follows that Guidance in its application of the Harmonized Screening Protocol. For more information, please see 75 FR 62820 (Oct. 13, 2010), or