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Synthetic gene design made easy

The Codon Optimization Tool converts the DNA or protein sequence from one organism for expression in another. The IDT algorithm provides the best sequence option by screening and filtering sequences to lower complexity and minimize secondary structures.

  • Rebalance codon usage
  • Decrease sequence complexity
  • Avoid rare codons

Optimize and order in minutes

Get to work as quickly as possible and spend less time troubleshooting your expression experiments. This Codon Optimization Tool is integrated with our complexity checker and API Sci Tools for a seamless design and ordering experience.

  • Easily input DNA or amino acid sequences
  • Optimize hundreds of sequences in seconds
  • Choose manual optimization for full control over the process

Expert support and customizable options

  • PhD-level, gene synthesis specialists are available to provide additional guidance with your design
  • Optimization based on your custom codon table
  • Customization options offered for CAI targeting, motif avoidance or inclusion, and structural avoidance

Need help or inspiration?

If you need further assistance, please contact our Genes Support group at