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Integrations and portals

For simplified integration of your organization's e-purchasing systems with IDT, look to our custom portals, punchouts, and SciTools™ Plus API. These personalized interfaces and web platforms provide authenticated and secure 24/7 access to our catalog of products and web tools, and make it easy to manage your inventory, track your spending, and operate more efficiently.

Custom e-commerce platforms for simplified ordering, procurement, and authentication.


Ordering APIs

This option offers a direct system-to-system channel for placing orders. Products are configured on the customer side and delivered in XML format to IDT's ordering API. The XML is read and translated into an IDT order, placed with the shipping/payment details provided in the document. Valuable features of our ordering APls include:

  • Allows ordering from a configurable specification, using IDT product information
  • Specification includes all information necessary to configure, manufacture, ship, and bill the order

Electronic business documents

In conjunction with our integration and portals capabilities, the following information is also available:

  • Confirmation—in cXML format, delivered upon IDT's recognition of sale
  • Advance Shipping Notice (ASN)—delivered upon close of shipping manifest, via HTTP, in cXML format only
  • Invoices—electronic invoices are submitted daily, one invoice per submission (not batched), in multiple document types/formats and delivery methods
  • Custom Reports—available in specified periods (in Microsoft Excel or XML format) delivered via email or HTTP