Integrations and portals

Custom e-commerce platforms for simplified ordering, procurement, and authentication

For simplified integration of your organization’s e-purchasing systems with IDT, look to our custom portals, punchouts, and SciTools™ + API. These personalized interfaces and web platforms provide authenticated and secure 24/7 access to our catalog of products and web tools, and make it easier to manage your inventory, track your spending, and operate more efficiently.

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SciTools Plus API »

  • Complexity screening
  • Order tracking
  • Codon optimization applications
  • Authentication via OAuth

Punchouts »

  • Support for cXML and OCI protocols
  • Automated PO generation
  • Approval process for administrators
  • Electronic invoicing

Portals »

  • Organized e-commerce management
  • Support for various payment methods
  • Approval process for administrators