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User friendly API integrates oligo analysis tools and ordering

Custom e-commerce platforms for simplified oligo analysis, ordering, procurement, and authentication

Use the IDT SciTools Plus API to incorporate industry-leading oligo analysis, gene analysis, and design services into your own design pipeline applications. IDT SciTools online software enables more robust gene design and informed choice of assay conditions. The API also gives you access to your IDT order, invoice, and payment information.

SciTools Plus API (application programming interface)

Simplify your organization’s e-purchasing systems through use of our integrated SciTools Plus API. This application provides easy-to-use, comprehensive oligonucleotide analysis tools to assure your sequence selections are optimized for your experimental application (Figure 1). These include the popular OligoAnalyzer Tool and other biophysics utilities that facilitate intelligent design of experimental conditions. Not only are the tools all available in one place and integrated with your institution’s ordering process, but IDT provides a responsive, dedicated team of scientists and key accounts experts to enable smooth onboarding and implementation.

Oligonucleotide sequence analysis options with SciTools Plus API.
Figure 1. SciTools Plus API available tools.

This web platform of personalized interfaces provides authenticated and secure 24/7 access to our catalog of products and web tools, and make it easier to manage your inventory, track your spending, and operate more efficiently.

Valuable features of the SciTools Plus API include:

  • Complexity screening (sequence scoring) and codon optimization applications to enable more robust gene design
  • OligoAnalyzer and biophysics tools to facilitate the intelligent design of assay conditions
  • QC and COA download to ensure product traceability
  • Order tracking to help plan experiments and projects
  • Order creation option (using cXML) and invoice download to track pricing and monitor budget

Get started with the SciTools Plus API

Use the IDT SciTools Plus API to start incorporating oligo and gene analysis and design services into your own design pipeline applications now. Browse our SciTools Plus API technical documentation to learn how to get access to API web services, and how to integrate them into your bioinformatics design, laboratory information management, or procurement systems.

Published Feb 12, 2020